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Amy the Clown by Neosz-v2
Amy the Clown
After a  good sum of weeks of technical issues (monitor breaking), school, and procrastination, I decided to upload this quick piece of Amy wearing a clown hat form the latest episode of Sonic Boom.   Just to let you know, I do enjoy the show.  It's not amazing, it's not terrible, it's just...okay.  It may just be me, but I thought this hat looked really cute on her.  (It's very rare of me to say something like that, but it's true!)  And someone told me that if I ever get an image in my mind, to just draw it out at any chance I get.

Screencap from the episode:
Boom Kraus * (Sonic Boom Thoughts) by Neosz-v2
Boom Kraus * (Sonic Boom Thoughts)
With school finally winding down, I can upload more often now.  After hearing about the Sonic Boom TV show coming out, I made this in anticiaption...though I didn't really have until now to color it in.  I decided to redesign Kraus as if he were in the Sonic Boom univers, and I'm satisifed with outcome.  The changes I've made to him weren't too drastic and involves a metal collar for looks, redesigned mech arms and jet boots to look more Holy like, and slightly altered hair.

Now on to the show.  First I'll say that I was looking forward to the show, more than the games because, well, Sonic games are ALWAYS coming out, but how often do we hear about a new Sonic SHOW coming out.  I mean the last Sonic TV show we had was Sonic X, a show that became worse over time.  Sonic Boom is...alright.  It's nothing "amazing" but nothing "terrible".  I'm glad they expanded more on the characters' personalities and gave them some depth and some pretty funny lines.  However, these new personalities are also kind of a problem.  Sonic and Knuckles look like they traded personalities.  Sonic seems more serious and lonesome now. Knuckles  is  more cocky and fun loving, but now has a cookie cutter. Mr. Meathead, "Me strong but dumb" personality.  Knuckles may have been gullible and slow at times, but he wasn't stupid.  Tails is the same, but just uses more flowery words.  Why can't they make him behave more like a child.  Amy seems to be less of the annoying younger sister type, and is now more of a Motherly type.  It's cool they ditched her whole "I love Sonic" thing and made it more of a secret now, but they still left in the whole "girly girly" part of her.  "Girl Power!" Ugh, We get it Amy, you're a girl.   Sticks the Rac...I mean Badger is just Tarzan but a little girl with a mean throwing arm...who is also a massive believer of conspiracies.  With all that said, I still think the show is worth the watch and I'm glad I can wake up every saturday to watch it.  *sigh* reminds me of my childhood.  Actually, there is one gripe I have with the show.  The intro.  Remember whne the intro to a cartoon was one of its mot defining features?  Well, cartoon developers don't see to think that anymore.  Sonic Boom's intro is the definition of generic, and considering the competition it has with Past Sonic cartoons, I have every right to think that.  Why didn't they make a modern remix of "Sonic Boom" from the Sega CD game?

Now I can't say anything about the game, but I see a lot of gamers completely dumb on this game.  I haven't played it, but from what I've heard, I think I'm making a good decision not to buy it.  However, it feels like they made this game JUST so they could make new designs for the characters.  I'm fine with that, but I didn't really see the point.  I mean, what's with all the sports tape? Did the designers think it looked cool or something.  Maybe on human characters, but not Sonic characters.   Anyway, hope you enjoy my drawing.
Dear DA, stop trying to be like facebook.
Jazz JackRabbit Lineart #2 by Neosz-v2
Jazz JackRabbit Lineart #2
Another piece of line art I did in photoshop.  With this one, I did a more action orientated pose showing off some dual wielding action with two pistols, one that fires bullets and another which fires lasers.  Everything I said in the first line art applies to this one.

P.S  If f they made a kickstarter for a new Jazz Jackrabbit, I would totally back it.  Hell, I would want to help develop it. 
Jazz JackRabbit Lineart #1 by Neosz-v2
Jazz JackRabbit Lineart #1
I was bored one day and had to move some stuff from my old computer.  After checking for the files I wanted to move, I noticed that my copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was still saved on there after almost a decade.  I've been receiving waves and waves of nostalgia over the past few weeks, and this line art is a result of that.  This is Jazz Jackrabbit, and awesome yet not very popular video game character who debut back in a PC game all the way back in 1994. 

I decided to draw my own version of him, and I think I had an amazing outcome.  I drew the laser blaster he used in the games in his left paw, and a generic automatic pistol in his right one, mainly cause I always thought dual wielding was cool.  As you can see though, I'm not very good at drawing guns, especially at a perspective, but hey, Jazz is all about guns, so I couldn't just leave em' out.  Also, this design is based off of the one in the second game, as that's the one I played most.

I also think I found my standard for lineart, with the lines changing from thick to thin to make it more dynamic.  I may color this in the future.

Jazz JackRAbbit was developed by Epic Games (Formally known as Epic MegaGames)


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I miss the DA community and I want to be active again.  Many people have told me I should do commissions, so I figures "What the heck".  Now I'm doing commissions, for Sonic and Pony OC's. So if you want something drawn, drop me a comment on my page or through PMs. Here are the Comm prices now:

Pencil Sketch: $4.00 or 200 pts.

PS CS6 Lineart: $6.00 or 400 pts.

Lineart + Color/Shading w/o Background: $7.50 or 600 pts.

Lineart + Color/Shading +Background: $8.50 or 650 pts. 

Prices are negotiable*

Also, please fill out this form telling me all about you character.  The more Info I have, the easier it gets.

Name: (Optional)

Pelt Color:
Mane/Hair Style:
Eye Color:

Character Personality:
  • Listening to: The Voices in My Head
  • Reading: A book
  • Watching: Scott Pilgrim
  • Playing: Black OPs
  • Eating: Mochi


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Wow, Diamond Dogs are really popular. Now I'd like to say this now, these are MLP Oc's, which means I won't be giving any of them breasts.  Also, what is the color of her fur, eyes, and what's her personality like?
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